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This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Transitions (1998).

Sought to be sadistic a prophecy of apology suppress the thirst for domination express the pain in fear we dwell consuming the life's blood from our hands washed by the falsehood of creation and the sickness of our demands bound and gagged this is the end as we lay down our hands and obey as we cling to mass separation and a life long prophecy devout and noble are those who force their ideology bound by subjection second guess the words that divide and intimidate empty eyes lead empty paths in a quest to consecrate presume to live in a society that gives us the freedom to clarify conscious decisions make their mark as we search for a better life we must sacrifice what's been instilled pacify insurrection this is the end no more need for silence the blind the sick diseased the frail and misled kneel down and obey this is the end as we lay down our hands and obey.

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