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Silent Run

This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Chasing Time (2012).

She didn't have no rights
'Cause he possessed her life
A foe he was to her
Desperate to leave

She couldn't pay the bail
He made her feel frail

No one knew about the pain in her soul
Couldn't find support in her own flesh and blood
His jealousy blew out
The fire in her heart

Her life was a nightmare
He didn't care

Her heart turned into stone
He broke their home

Tired of a never ending fight
Decided to chase her dreams
Into the deep dark night
She took her memories
Counting the days on her hands
Slowly they became weeks
Silence became a best friend
On a never ending journey

Dreams of an aging man
Memories fading while she ran
Weeks turned into years
On a journey without tears

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