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This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Chasing Time (2012).

The race against the clock has begun
We're drawing circles around the roundabout
Waiting for the magic exit to appear
Got to get there before sundown

Before the water of the fountains is frozen
Like the face of a porcelain doll
Before birds that once were flying
Become pictures hanging on a cloudy wall

Through the trees a winding path
Colourful landscapes on the background
A silver gate welcomes us with open arms
We want to embrace eternity

Embrace the smile of the wind to calm our anxiety
Forgetting patience is our only remedy
Embrace our laughter while we're flying free
Time is not the answer to our questions anymore

This is all we ever wanted
No more racing
No more aching
No more blaming
No more facing
Forget all (forget all, forget all) we ever needed
Eternal sunlight warms our garden
Cloudless sky is our guardian

The scenario is spinning around in a giant roulette
Sounds and shadows running behind us at full speed
Pills of hope are shaking our souls for the final destination
That lies behind the hidden gate

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