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Mountain Climber

This song is by Harvest and appears on the album It's Alright Now (1982).

I'm climbing a mountain just over the valley
A mountain so high I can't see to the top
I stood at the bottom and wondered if I could make it
Then something within me said I had to try

So mountain move over 'cause I'm climbing to Heaven
I know that they way is rough and hard,
But I'll reach the other side

I'm crossing a river just over the mountain
There's people who say it's too deep and too wide
But there is man they don't know who will guide me
He's been there before so I'll follow behind

So river just bow your head and let us walk over
'Cause I'm going to sing and dance on you
Till I reach the other side

The mountain and river are now far behind me
I know it was hard but it seems like a dream
I'm feasting on riches and drinking from fountains
Of sweet Living water that never run dry

There is no mountain that's too high to cross over
There is no river that's so deep you will drowned
So lift up your eyes and look beyond the horizon
Follow the morning Son and like me you will find
The other side

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