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In The Eyes Of Decay

This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Transitions (1998).

"I'd suffer for your love the pain the doubt the bitter end felt the touch from my lies down to my guilt how could I have hurt the one I love heart cut out and left it for dead now I suffer as I wait guilty of the crime the crime of agony I try to forget find another way to forgive myself of this tragedy but I won't let myself forget this no look above below I am wrong I don't see what we don't know tear the glass reflects the failure I'm afraid I'm filled with fucking lies and I see it in the face of the destruction freedom from the blood that makes you boil head strapped into the real world, this is the last time this is the last goodbye I couldn't see it was wrong, this is the way I believed now I've condemned for myself this is it no one else for I have learned you don't deceive the world or it turns black like my fucking heart this is the time for the truth will set you free set you free"

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