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This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Living With A God Complex (1997).

Flowers wilt when they lose the rain
And the sun will leave them dead again
For how long can we live like this? Is it eternal? Face to face, defy disgrace
The fevered death of a nation
Consent to bleed, the tyrant leads us to our decimation
Here it comes, the final word
Can I open my eyes and watch it burn
One day we will be sickened by life as we realize
Up against the wall
Our bitter freedom
A fight for survival
A means to an end, forever
How long will it take to destroy our lives under the sun? And enforce the limits that will confine us? Beyond broken eyes
I thirst for a life without hurt
Devoid of fault, without deception
Hollow eyes
There's no god to save you, save me
Onward we march as the day grows dim
This pestilence leads to revulsion
Cannot taste the blood of the martyr until you face this revolution
One day we will forge a path of survival

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