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Change Life

This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Underground Community (2009).

Stop in the middle of two worlds
Llight a cigarette
Smoke becomes one with the fumes on the left
Where speed limit is crossed
By thousands who don't want to be late
For whatever's waiting, whoever's waiting.
While rearview mirrors show thousands of tired faces
Always rushing though never arriving somewhere
No sense in being a part of this all
Make a choice this might be a last call
Hands of time never stop...
Life seems so much easier on the other side
In a carefree parallel universe
Turn around, live life on the right
Turn around, live from day to day
Turn around, no more sleepless nights
Turn around, no more shades of gray
See the path to follow, cut the leash!
Feel the sunlight embracing ice-cold skin!
Hear the sounds of silence through the trees!
Scent of green grass is calling!
Start the engine
Leave the layby
And drive back to the highway...

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