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Beyond The Desert

This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Underground Community (2009).

The sky was yours
The sky was mine
Sun is cold
Clouds are dry
Stumbling over frozen love I watch the world I have above
Wondering why you took away the ground under my feet
Hanging on the strings you hold, watch them fade as I grow old
I wonder why you had the urge to step out of the light
The sea was deep
The sea was blue
Islands sank
So did you
My sea has no tides...
Protect myself from stinging sand look down at my empty hands
Wondering why I didn't search for shelter over my head
Waiting for the rain to fall I need to rinse away the soil
I wonder how I could ever lose direction by following stars
The desert is wide
The desert is seared
Illusions dwell
Must say farewell

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