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This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Transitions (1998).

Tearing it out it must not win buried alive beneath this skin this laceration it cuts so deep if this is real it's built by me it's building built by thoughts that lie to withstand this life underneath are those words that whisper sadness continue to try to escape my mind drown in sorrow fall below senses burn hearts exposed dive down rise beyond caught by the throat I start to choke in the midst of hope feeling myself to be a failure self infliction learn to live in conditions reflective of how I mask my fear I must begin to survive while my heart turns to ash as I grasp for salvation sever instinct forced denial incision decays senses burn dive down rise beyond build a wall with which I hide my instinct dies my mind decays no I can feel again I will rise beyond my fear rise dive tearing it out it will not win for my self esteem will not give in I callous these scars with strength in my heart the comfort lies in what sets me apart.

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