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This song is by Harvest and appears on the album Living With A God Complex (1997).

Persecution is not a value I wish to instill
Your freedom means nothing when the heart kills
Confront this father figure
Repent the suffering
With indignant eyes hollowed out to see the dead survive
Our cries for sympathy bleed in our darkest hour
Let the vengeance rain down on me
Let this wrath satiate my being
Conform to the Christ figure I defy
With an act of mercy I cry
If I am saved, if I am healed, then why am I not free? Hardened heart brings a cold fist
This god complex will never miss
Bend to break the structure
Bleed to make me believe
Subject yourself to violent action, we are what we see
Don't turn away and run, you will never see it coming
If I am saved, if I am healed, then why am I not free? I have learned to deny what has been forced onto me
A course tongue favors ascension
Speak the evil truth with which we crave
The demon lies with incantation
Buried instincts sends us to our grave
Raise the dead
Lift the veil
Complete the cycle of redemption

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