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Quidditch Cup (Wtf)

This song is by Harry Potter.

THe Quidditch Cup is an award
You can play for it if your bored
Cho will love you
Malfoy will hate you
Hermione will give you a planner
without a fanner
So what do ya say HEY HEY!!


Quidditch World Cup
do you wanna win it
make sure you beat malfoy
pass the quaffle to alicia spinnet
and score a goal!!!!!!!
make sure ron blocks it
too bad you got kicked off the team
because Professor Umbridge is mean
Fred and George did the same thing
too bad Umbridge was soo soo mean
After Cedric died
cho was sad too bad
Umbridge is a BITCH!!

Why why why do you cry cho chang
Harry didnt kill that lame Mother fuckin bitchass thang
So wear a thong that very long so we can bong and make my ding ding itch bitch


Weasley is our king
Weasley cannot save a thing
cannot block a single ring
Thats why slytherins all sing
Weasley is our king



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