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Da Man

This song is by Harry Potter.

The two friends,their two wands at hands;
I got too much respect 'cuz I'm "da man";
Got my wand and Firebolt at hand;
Just ask my friends,the name's Harry.

(da da da da da-da-da-da da da da da oh)

Who's that you're studyin' with?
Doll,that's me.
I don't take showers and I don't brush my teeth (NOT!!!!!!)
'Cuz all I do is study,study, and study!

(You got to go play Quidditch!)

Wake up in the mornin', before the sun, keeps riding his broom
'til the day is done

(You got to crack open those books!)

Wake up in the mornin', before the sun, keeps studyin'
'til the day is done

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