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The Legend

This song is by Muskee Gang.

One day I met the legend
I told him about my plans
He said: kid that's harakiri
I bet you cannot
How will you ever be a winner again
Prove it to me if you say that you can

Bought myself a gestapo coat
And a kind of Chaplin face
Grabbed that old harmonica
And jumped on the stage
Like a Suzuki cowboy
I was moving all over the floor
With the rhythm of rocking
There is no way to stop me no more

Till all of a sudden
It really hit me by surprise
The crowd cried out
Boy you are going to be alright tonight
Just one more for the kid in the spotlight

They must have seen the legend there
Or was it just a fake
Or was it just a Samurai
Who got there by mistake
If you have seen the legend
Tell him to let it be
Time is catching up with him
And he got his fame for free

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