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Sentimental Blvd (2003)

This song is by Harry Hess and appears on the album Just Another Day (2003).

I was fooled by your
Devil's disguise
I've been rained on enough
Now the sun won't rise
It seems I've been wasting my time
Carrying the weight of the world
And there's no end in sight

Now there's nothing for you
And nothing for me
I'm like a worn out soldier
Running around incomplete
What used to keep it together
Falls apart at the seams
Now I know

You can never run away too far
Cause people get lost
On sentimental blvd.
Ya it's better not to wait too long
Cause feelings get lost
On sentimental blvd.
We get older and wonder where the time has gone

Put your dreams and your faith on the line
They're just reflections of us in the mirror of life
When it feels like it's passing you by
When it's stronger than love it can break all the ties

Sentimental blvd.
(Time is moving on)
(I keep moving on)

Sentimental blvd.
Praying resolution will come

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