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Miles Away

This song is by Harry Hess and appears on the album Just Another Day (2003).

I rehearsed
All the things that I would say
To you
But the words
They come out differently

Then all the rules have
Turned a new page
And from you I drift away
This growing concern
I'm here too late
Timing is everything
Everything you want it to be

Miles away
From the bridge I burned down
And I won't get back
'Cause we're miles away
On a road that ran out
When I thought that I was getting close

All of the little things
That wear us out
Only turn into bigger chains
That weigh us down

Stop and breathe
Tell yourself it's all good
Then it comes all in reach
Face yourself
A new day has begun
They'll be better days
Your demons are gone
Don't face it alone

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