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In Which Draco Malfoy Cries Like A Baby

This song is by Harry And The Potters and appears on the album Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love (2006).

You're crying again
Are you sad that your dad is in Azkaban?
Well you know that it goes
With working for the man
And if you didn't want that
Well you should have made other friends

You're crying again
Have you been spending more time in Myrtle's bathroom?
Well we know that you have
A thing for Dark Arts
But we didn't know that you were a phantasmaphile

You're crying again
Are you sad that you turned your best friends into women?
Well we know that you've had
Trouble with the girls
Pansy Parkinson's not much
So I guess you turned to Crabbe and Goyle


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