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This song is by Harmony and appears on the album Dreaming Awake (2003).

Always tried to reach up higher
And she always loved to play with the fire

Tried to be what others admire
And nothing would keep her away from what she desires

Pulls the sheets above her head
To forget all the scars that she hides inside
Close her eyes, forgets the pain
To awake finding out her cry was in vain?

She never thought that she would face this kind of pain
Only remembering words that leave her stained
She never thought she would stand here in the rain
Begging to her God to stop her from breathing

She faces herself in the mirror
Not reflecting the fairiest at all

But in her eyes there is a fire
A growing sparkle, reaching for a higher call

Now she's all alone again
Why life just won't happen her way
Filled with agony and anger
She cries
Take me away, relieve me of my pain

She didn't know that she was meant to face this day
The scars inside, now fading away
Didn't know there was a sanctuary for her soul
Spirit of purity, fulfilling her needs

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