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Peculiar Vision

This song is by Harmony.

I can see a peculiar vision in your eyes
No matter what you say now
I can see through all your lies
You're telling me that you love me
But can't you see you're hurting me
Oh why oh why
Are you saying goodbye
And I see a peculiar vision in your eyes
In all these years you have been
My one and only vice
>From the day that we met
And now I can't and won't forget how I loved you
And thought you did too
Now you're gonna go
And I see a peculiar vision in your eyes
Instead of saying what you're gonna say
Why don't you say something nice
I could read you like a book
Since the day you came and took my heart away
I'm asking you to stay
Please don't go
And I see a peculiar vision in your eyes
It's telling me you're leaving me
Cause you don't want any ties
But I'm telling you you'll never find
Another girl who'd be so kind and loving to you
Like I used to
Oh stay with me

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