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Put Dreams To Sleep

This song is by Harloff Kevin P.

Put Dreams to Sleep
by Kevin P. Harloff
Where is your truth?
Where are your lies?
I'm in the dark with open eyes

Was a moment in hope
Not a moment in love
Well I give up both cause I've had enough

Characters in a play
Reading what to say
Exactly who did you portray?

And what was there to prove?
To make a man a fool?
And give up all that's true?

So I put to sleep
All that I dream
I've realized now it cannot be

Was a childish game
In a grown-up's name
A wild beast I cannot tame

This search for love
And what it means
Has broken down
And tortured me

Is not a fate of mine
I choose a different kind
I abandon love
Give up the find

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