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In Search Of You

This song is by Harloff Kevin P.

All my life I have thought of
A time and a place
That I found you there waiting
Like a star out in space

Do I look and go find you
Should I just relate on fate
Climb the world and the skies too
Or just sit here and wait

I am....

In Search of You
in search of me
In Seach of us
Where could we be

I dreamed a dream
It came to life
I found my way
That lonely night....

Over in my head
Close my eyes lay in bed
Think of what I should do
Find the path right to you

Ill go
In Search of You
In search of me
In search of us
Where could we be?

I think I found
I think Ill go
Ill follow it
right home to you.....

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