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Takin' Me Down

This song is by Hardline and appears on the album Double Eclipser (1992).

Mama said you was a bad girl
Since I set my eyes on you
And who would think that I would sink
In something that you would do
Baby baby, you had a way
To cover up your lies
You took me down for the count
But I never saw it in your eyes

And our love was cold
It's my heart you sold
And every night you hold on tight, girl you gotta let go

Cause you're takin' me down, girl, you're takin' me, takin' me
Takin' me down, girl, with ya
Takin' me down, girl, you're takin' me, takin' me,
Girl you're takin' me

Now you say there's a better way
That you just can't live without
Take the money from my hands now honey
Take the food right from my mouth
You can say anything you want
You can do all the things you do
Well honey I hope you rot in hell
For all the things you put me through


Girl you're takin' me down
You made the walls come crumbling down
Girl don't kick me around
Yeah you really, really love
You really love to take me down, well oh yeah

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