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I'll Be There

This song is by Hardline and appears on the album Double Eclipse (1992).

I know how you feel girl
We've been there many times before
When I've gotta pick up and walk out the door
Sometimes hoping is all that we can do
In mind and spirit girl I'm always there for you

Every time I think about the way it's got to be
You know someday we will work it out
When all that we've wished for is just a memory

Anytime you need me I'll be there
Anytime at all (just say the word)
Just you say the word and I'll be there
Anytime you need me girl
I will be there

The nights seem longer
The days feel just the same
Well a little more lonelier than yesterday
Sometimes words ain't easy to explain
Whether I'm here or gone the feelings stay the same
Oh yeah

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