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There's Only Time

This song is by Harder To Fall and appears on the album It All Becomes So Clear (2008).

So this begins
Here I sit
In an all night diner at a corner booth
Outside the sky is dark enough
To hide the shadows that stalk everyone in dreams

For all this time I thought I'd know
To bring it back again
You said yourself
There's only time
There's only time
To get it back again

So here we are
And Seth stands by the parkway
Cigarette in hand
Life passes by like cars
Foot on the gas and hope to God
That you'll never ever see this town again

It's what you wanted from the start
To take it back again and wait for rain
There's only time
There's only time
So give it back again

There's only time
There's only time
Your flight has delayed
You wait for days
But there's no time to stay
If we run
They will find us

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