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The Last Great Day

This song is by Hardcore Superstar and appears on the album No Regrets (2003).

I hang around with you summer's almost gone

Good attitude honey, I'm in a good mood

Tell me once again, this is forever, my best friend

It took me time to get my hands on you

Will take me twice as much to get over you

Again and again you say

This could be our last great day

Eightynine, I'm in a love state


Take far from home, let's play all night

Van Halen's on the radio, I feel alright

Drink's a bit too strong but I got to hold on

Is this the real me or just an act

Whatever, when it comes to you I feel perfect

Tell me once again, this is forever my best friend

We had our first little fight, it's jealousy

Her face turned red my face turned white

Again and again I say

Let's pretend it's our last day

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