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Beat You Down

This song is by Hardcore Superstar and appears on the album Bad Sneakers and a Piña Colada (2000).

I sold my sister to my friend
All the money I spend
It's a way to get evil on them
Yo, baby, c'mon!

Hey sister where are you now?
I'd like to see your hate
Nothing's changed and I just want to feel like a man
I wanna be a man

Cause I want my love
And I need to I need to, need to
I'll beat you down
I'll beat you down
C'mon honey, I'll beat you down
I'll beat you down
I'll beat you down

I sold my soul to the Lord
That's all he could afford
It's a way to get even with him
Yo, baby, c'mon!

Hey man where am I now?
I'd like to see my faith
Hey you has it changed?
Am I really a man?


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