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This song is by Happy Rhodes and appears on the album Find Me (2007).

I could have been Charlie, I could have been dead
Could have been hopeless, put a hole in my head
There's a fine line between us, Charlie and me
Soon to be forgotten or remembered as a freak

His was a madness I identify with

I don't know who's scarier, him or me
He's already gone there, I'm on the same family tree

Cause Charlie had potential, just like me and you
Something in him misfired, it could happen to me too

I can see Charlie sitting on his hands
Drowning in his chaos and formulating plans
If I had stayed that day, it would have been me
Wishing for a handgun or a rope on a sturdy tree

When I wake up, I'm just like him
He's got madness I can get with

There is a beauty in succumbing to fear
You get comfortable in your limbo (I know)

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