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​Where You Left Home

This song is by Happy Hour Punk.

They said you'd never come, but they were wrong
Burried I'm so down, 'cause you're not around
I tried so hard, didn't get far
That's all I have to say, I wonder if you'd care anyway
Just let go, apparently, your heart is far from where it wants to be
Close your eyes and set me free, I'm in your head I'm just a memory to be
It's been so long since you've been gone and I don't want this calling game any more, cause in my heart, in my heart, is where you left home
If you never came who am I to blame
It's not like you were ever there to hold my hand
Hold my hand
Bruissed and scarred, for ever in this car.arms folded on this dashboard, remebering the empty nights when you were never beside me, this car and my heart feels so empty