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My Girlfriend's A Robot

This song is by Hanson Brothers and appears on the album Gross Misconduct (1992).

I just found out that my girlfriend's a robot
She said that she didn't want me to know but
We went for a swim one moonlit night
And she came out rusty where she went in white

I took her apart 'cause she broke my heart
I took her apart yeah
I took her apart 'cause she broke my heart
I took her apart yeah

I picked my baby up and I laid her on a lathe
I wanted to see how her body was made
I doctored my baby with a wrench and pliers
And littered the kitchen with her screws and wires

She slices and she dices she makes Julienne Fries
She locks up my garage door every night
She put new life into my washer and my dryer
But every time I turn the toaster on I'm afraid that I'll fry her

'Cause lately I've been waking in the middle of the night
What I did to my baby's body just wasn't right
There's a buzz all around me I know where it's coming from
She's shooting through my house in a 60 cycle hum

I put her back together 'cause I missed her all the time
Man, we had something going and we got along real fine
Now we're really happy and we're never gonna part
She's my 120 girl with the 240 heart

Now we're really happy and it's time to settle down
I'm satisfied at last with my two feet on the ground
Now I know what I want to do with my life
She's got her outlets and I've got mine.

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