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Pick Me Up

This song is by Hanson.

Pick me up, Oh pick me up
All you gotta do is just pick me up
You fall on your bottom
You can't get up
Pick me up, pick me up

Well I wanna sit down
I don't wanna stand up
I've fallen on my bottom and I can't get up
I'm sayin'

When I've fallen on my bottom
And I can't get up
One of my brothers runs over to pick me up
I'm sayin'

Pick me up! Pick me up, Say yo!
Pick me up! Pick me up, Say yo!
Pick me up! Pick me up, say yo!
All you gotta do is just
Pick me up.
I said...

Well she's on the tables
And she's on the chairs
Man, there's babies everywhere
I'm sayin'...

She's on the stairs
And she's in the halls
Better pick me up or I'm gonna fall
I'm sayin...

[Repeat Chorus]

Well she looks so (?)
She looks me in the eye
You better bring me up
Or I'm gonna cry
I'm saying...

[Repeat Chorus]

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