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This song is by Hanson.

Oh yeah
You promised not to say a word
You promised you would keep it quiet
But you and I both knew it
It was written all over your face

So I cried....Oh yeah
The day you said goodbye....Oh yeah
So I cried
The day that our love died
The day you said goodbye

We had a love I thought could last
I guess I was thinking 4 leaf clovers
But you wished we were over
Now I've lost three and I've only got one

So I cried...Oh yeah
The day you said goodbye...Oh yeah
So I cried (You cried)
I cried
The day you said goodbye

Let's not even bother with talking about it
It doesn't really matter to you
So get on home baby
Get on home

A secret's something that you keep
And a heart is something to hold on to
But you play by your own rules
And one day it will blow up in your face
(oh no no no no)

And you'll cry....Oh yeah
The day he says goodbye
The day that your love dies
You'll cry...Oh
The day he says goodbye
Good bye
(repeat chorus)

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