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The Death Of Allen Steele

This song is by Hansel.

'Cause Reggie and, and the Full Effect,
Everybody knows how you ripped the Gogetterz off,
With your handheld keyboards,
And your goofy shit.
Everybody knows that we did that before you.

You were wearing Cojak's wig,
You fucking stuffed pigs,
You were playing Joe's BC Rich.
Enjoy it before we kill you, bitch.

Reggie and, and the Full Effect,
Nice accordion.
Why don't you try to get your own ideas?
Now you're pissing your pants.
You thought we'd be silent forever.
Everybody knows how we're gonna kill you someday.

We were small, but that's how we wanted it.
Allen Steele decided to die,
You didn't kill anyone.
You won't be singing harmonies,
With your mouths stuffed with shit.
The next thing co jukebox smashes on stage will be your fucking face.
Are you fucking dead?
Are you fucking dead yet?

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