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High Speed Roller

This song is by Hanover Fist and appears on the album Hanover Fist (1985).

Two thousand pounds
Rubber and steel
Foot to the pedal
Hands on the wheel
Feelin' the rush
As it's turnin' me on
It's all systems go
And you go till you're gone

When you see me come up on your backdoor today
Better move it aside or she'll blow you away
Think you can take her you're welcome to try
Never been beat, got a licence to fly

Red light's the trigger
Shoot through the green
Smoke up them tires
Man and machine

Heelin' and toein' my way through the pack
Down to the wire I ain't lookin' back
Up straight ahead is just what I need
Champagne and women to make me believe
High speed roller

Two thousand pounds
Nerves made of steel
Eyes on the road
Hands on the wheel
Live by the sound
It keeps turnin' me on
Doin' two twenty-five
I'll drive till I'm gone

High speed roller
High speed roller
High speed roller
High speed roller

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