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Sweet Home Suburbia

This song is by Hanoi Rocks and appears on the album Oriental Beat (1982).

I said: "I don't want no city emotions where I'm from love is cold"
So she'd leave back to the central just to never return
Stayed in my sweet suburbian home
Although suburb is cold, so cold

Gimme sex, gimme drugs, gimme all the love they've got
They give me money, they give me shelter
They give me everything they've got
I don't want no city emotions, no, no
Where I'm from love is cold
I don't wanna leave to the city 'cause suburbs is my home
Sometimes day is as dark as a night

When suburban natives fight
They've got no urban desires
They burn in the suburban fire -
My roots is home in the blocks
The roots of the Hanoi Rocks
Suburban winds in the night make us know we're alive, alive

Gimme sex, oh gimme drugs, gimme all the love that you've got
Gimme money, give me your home
Gimme everything that you've got

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