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M.C. Baby

This song is by Hanoi Rocks and appears on the album Oriental Beat (1982).

My baby is hot, I mean the way she rocks
Gives her old folks a shock
The way she burns her wheels down her hometown street
My little motorcycle babe

My baby is mean, she's the fastest chic
That I've never seen
'Tho' she's only sixteen, she knows how to use
Her machine and she's so mean

She's sweet sixteen a leather queen you should
See her streakin' down the street
All the boys are jealous but they don't dare
To tell it to my little motorcycle baby

On a Saturday night she goes out for a fight
'N' she beats them black and blue
I don't mean she's cool but she's so cruel
And she's no fool

No one can stop her an' no one can rock like my little motorcycle baby
Drive on! Drive on!

Could've given her time, the best years of my life
Wanna give her everything money can buy
Could've given her love and a whole lotta more
Could've given her everything money can buy

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