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I Want You

This song is by Hanoi Rocks and appears on the compilation Self Destruction Blues (1982).

Oh, we're gonna make this a big one!

I'm checking out my native city
I can feel the blood in my veins
And my nerves are weak
And my heart is just about to collapse
I'm kind of desperate
Something must happen
I'll leave for a chance right now
And I'll leave a for rock 'n' roll ride
So come on, don't stop

I want you, it's too fast now
I want you, I'm feelin' just fine
I want you, to kill this pressure that's getting much too high

You asked me how long I've played electric guitar
And you asked for my autograph
And you asked if I mix up my whiskey with water
I tell you be sure
So come on
Much too high
Hang on

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