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Cutting Corners

This song is by Hanoi Rocks and appears on the album Two Steps From the Move (1984).

London is grey
But it's great in it's way
If you're just barrelling through
You find a first class boiler
And she boils your cares away

Well, life is a gas
But the laughs never last
So you add a handful of blues
Now that's a first class ticket
If you wanna get away

'Cos if you hang around the greys and browns
They'll just bring you down
Well, it's a useless rap you got to cut the crap
Go directly to the things that matter to you
Have to cut corners or fade away
Have to cut corners or fade away

Going through channels
In ties and grey flannels
Just slows everything down
And when I want a thing
I want it right away

Going straight for the heart
Tears your wardrobe apart
But it wears the other guy down
I may look a mess
But I'm dressed to get my way

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