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Was That How It Was

This song is by Hannah Jones.

Was that all it was, way to pass the time
Momentary thing, not worth remembering in the morning
Must it be so cold, like something bought and sold,
Was it just a game,
Would you recall my name if you saw me.

How would it be I wonder,
If we ever meet again
Now that I've been you're love
Is this how it's gonna end
Will we ever be just friends
Learn to live it now and then, oh...

Was that all it was, night out on the town,
One look decides at will
You wanted me to feel
Did you use me?


Was that all it was, when you close the door,
Passion left behind,
Out of sight and out of mind - gone forever.


Repeat (2x)

Was that how it was
Was that how it was


Did you need a friend?
Bet you didn't know you had one.
Did you use me?

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