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This song is by Hanna Pakarinen and appears on the album When I Become Me (2004).

I miss the girl I used to be
So full of life that so cant be
Untouchable, complete control
She had it all
She wrapped her heart in armour
No one could touch her, harm her
She liked that feeling without that fear of getting hurt
No it's just no fun 2x

'I used to be a superhero
Now look at me
A shadow of my self
I used to be a Wonder woman
Now look at me
I'm like everybody else

I'm losing it all when you're inside
I can't hold back
I can not find
Some kind of friend tonight'

She used to be the tuff kind
No one could mess with her mind
They tried to break her armour chest
She ate their kind for breakfast
Now she's gone
What have you done?


Why can't we all admit it?
I get weak when I'm alone with you
With both feet I'm in it
Living, loving every minute of it

I still miss the girl I used to be (I still miss the girl I used to be)
Now she's gone
What have you done?

Chorus x2

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