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​On The Verge Of Tears

This song is by Hanker and appears on the album Snakes And Ladders (2000).

He was your life long friend, become a memory
Remember your ally, remember who betrayed

You think you've been so true, no regrets, no regrets
Be honest with yourself
No time for lying tears, no time for

He watched you climb the stairs
Wishing he could be there
Remembering the past, longing for it at last

(Repeat Bridge)

Wake up! Behold you are trapped!
On the verge of tears
You're so vain, you're so lame
You're so vain, you're so lame

Let's go!

Let sleeping dogs lie!

You were a life long friend
Become a friend of spite
You forsook your ally
It's now time for
For lying tears

You're lame

Remember the, remember the,
Remember the, remember the past