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Mighty Oak Trees

This song is by Hank Williams, Jr. and appears on the album 127 Rose Avenue (2009).

Like mighty oak trees
They line a shaded well worn path
Theyre the souls that hae walked beside me
And I can see that looking back
Friends that stood by me
Right up to the last
Like mighty oak trees, that help me walk this well worn path.
Down by the water
Of a stream that never ends
They shelter me from the noon day sun and guard me from the wind
I close my eyes and I can see them all once again
Like mighty oak trees, down by that stream that never ends.
Strong and always there when I needed them the most

You know they're rooted way down deep in my soul
I think about them all the time when I'm out on the road
And every night when I lay down I know I'm looking up at mighty oak trees
Like mighty oak trees
They have stood the test of time
They were always there to lean on
When strength was hard to find
I just hope that one day you're lucky enough to find
Mighty oak trees
Mighty oak trees like those rowdy friends of mine...

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