Hank Williams, Jr.:I've Been Around Lyrics

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I've Been Around

This song is by Hank Williams, Jr. and appears on the album Five-O (1985).

I've been around
I used to sing songs that were hand-me-downs
I've been called a hero
I've been called a clown
I've learned the old ways and the new ways now

I've been around
I can drop names that will knock ya down
I've rock and rolled and I've fiddled around
From Hollywood to the Nashville sound

I've been around
Climbed the highest mountain I found
I went to the top and I fell back down
And I know what I'm talking about
'Cause I've been around

I've been in love
I've been down on my knees and prayed to God above
"Why does so much pain go with so mich love?
Why is she still the one I'm dreaming of?"

Yeah, I've been around
And the best two friends I've ever found
Are a woman's love and a guitar sound
And I know what I'm talking about
'Cause I've been around
Yeah I've been around

Written by:

Hank Williams, Jr.