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Hangnail (1999)Edit

Hangnail - Hangnail
  1. Friendly Advice
  2. Making History
  3. I'm Only Human
  4. Worthless
  5. No Name Yet
  6. An Apology
  7. Helpless On My Own
  8. Decision Making
  9. Don't Forget About Today
  10. Something More
  11. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger
  12. Double Standard
  13. Where Did The Time Go

Facing Changes (2001)Edit

Hangnail - Facing Changes
Facing Changes
  1. Wrong Is Wrong
  2. 65,000 Miles Later
  3. Carry Me
  4. With Hands Tied (Behind My Back)
  5. Real Life Illustration
  6. Closemouthed Concern
  7. Commitment Unbreakable
  8. All That You Wanted
  9. Taken For Granted
  10. Facing Changes
  11. Second Guess
  12. Home Sick

Transparent (2003)Edit

  1. Survey Of Self
  2. Temporary
  3. In Conclusion
  4. I Aspire
  5. Hiding Place
  6. At Arm's Length
  7. Transparent
  8. The Sleeping Giant
  9. So Sorry
  10. Surrender
  11. Don't Look Back

Misc. SongsEdit

On Compilation

Additional information

Former members:
  • Matt Wendt - guitar, vocals
  • Nick Radovanovic - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Middleton - bass, vocals
  • Jacob Dosemagen - drums
Record labels:

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