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This song is by Hanging Garden and appears on the album At Every Door (2013).

That night the crescent was high
The rippling puddles in the rainfall
I could feel the spirits around me
Whispers faint almost gone now

The silent voice of the night
Resounding ever deeper within
Hollow yet profound
Secrets linger on

None dare tread these woods anymore
Here sickness hangs heavy
Yet I tread ever deeper
Hand in hand with the darkness

We've stepped over the threshold now
And felled are the gates of forever
Monuments of our fall stand tall
In their shadow we always will revel

Severed the ties to this soil
No one there to receive
Lamentation for this earth
There are none

So call my name through the dark
It echoes through the night
Compels me to lie down and die
Lie down and die

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