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The Mourners Plain

This song is by Hanging Garden and appears on the album Inherit The Eden (2007).

Since your death
In these burning shades of dusk
Still I crave
While plunging through this mourners plain

Into depths
I summon them to swallow me away
Until the end
Deeper wounds draw me the way

Astray I flow onto this world
And depart from this life
Life in disdain
The further I drift
In a reverie now stained red
The deeper I fall
Into timeless rest

At the sight of your rest
I bear witness to a loss
What ever tempted you
You must have felt it stronger then I do

Thirteen seasons
And no solace guides me
Come spring and the warming sun
But I have died once

Grant me sleep
In the crimson sea of life
An I cherish
This darkness of hope and light

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