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Disney soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Handy Manny Main Title Theme by Los Lobos
  2. You Break It, We Fix It by Chris Rodriguez
  3. Smile While You Work by Chris Rodriguez
  4. I'm a Hammer by Tom Kenny as "Pat the Hammer"
  5. Hop Up, Jump In by The Cast of Handy Manny
  6. Kelly's Hardware Store by Chris Rodriguez
  7. Made To Measure by Nika Futterman as "Stretch the Tape Measure"
  8. Hi Manny by Jaime Babbitt
  9. Viva Saturday by Chris Rodriguez
  10. We Work Together by The Cast of Handy Manny
  11. Rusty the Wrench by Fred Stoller as "Rusty the Wrench"
  12. Amigos Forever by Chris Rodriguez

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