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Leaving Us Behind

This song is by Handsfreemethod.

The world is falling down around me

It makes no sense at all

I figured you'd be there to catch me

Before I took this fall

And forgotten memories keep surfacing

I find it hard to breathe

Is this what you meant when you said you'd love me always

And that you'd never leave?

Goodbye to everything I knew

To the promises you made

Goodbye to us, goodbye to this

As our family starts to fade

Goodbye to the love you said you had

Because we just weren't worth your time

We didn't mean enough to you

But it's alright, we'll be fine

I'm feeling weak from all this stress, and I am not alone

And it seems like everyone's depressed

Since you decided to leave our home

And forgotton pictures keeping on finding their way into my hands

Is this what you mean when you said you'd be here always;

When you turned your back and ran?

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