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This Is Going To Be The Best Summer Ever

This song is by Hanalei and appears on the album We're All Natural Disasters (2004).

Come the spring time,
We will patch ourselves up.
Finding remedy in the sun
And on the bare skin.
Blossoms, black coffee,
And a black cat in the yard.
A better version of ourselves.

The ice is gone now,
So you can shake your camouflage.
Let's make a date with a country road,
You bring the bottles,
And I'll buy the gasoline.
We could drive anywhere,
Just drive me out of here.

Half drunk in the afternoon,
Staring at the girls
In their summer dresses.
I'm seasonably alright,
I'm seasonably okay,
Get out the bikes and ride slow,
Stay out late and
Fall asleep to rain on a tin roof.

When the sun sets,
Anything is possible.
Let's press our bad luck
With romance and alcohol.
We'll meet in the middle
Of all our lost places.
To fight the good fight
With naked hearts and
Slightly stained teeth.

The ice is gone now,
You can shake your camouflage.
Find some comfort in the warm wind.
If you show me you're vulnerable,
I'll show you a safe place.
I've got some good things
I've been waiting to share.

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