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This song is by Hana Hegerová.

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I hold the frost in my palms
The world has stemmed
I can get no sleep
In the morning hours

Just one word divided us
I used to call you babbler
And suddenly there is
This dam of silence

You decided like a man
And like a true male
And you said "divorce
I don't want to follow the old maps"

I even don't know when that was
It came all at once like a little death
It might have rained and been cold outside
And if there remained at least a quarter of our love in us
Then there remains nothing now
Like of the light of the summer fireflies
Just that one word

What is to be next?
You will sleep alone
The time gave the time took
The stall is abandoned

He sold out
Our first spree
Stood somewhere for a year
And used to wait

Your touch
Tender like snow
Laughter of the boutique
That knows our first sin

Your little room
In that storey
Where a bell-boy
Doesn't go anymore

What is to be next?
What is to be next?
What is to be next?


Court adjudicates crimes
Why do we have to go there?
There to give up our family
And remain calm

Who knows us better
Than you and me?
Your verso and face
And my troubles

Who takes the table
Who takes the locker
You always wanted a half
I wanted less

And now I don't want anything
I just want to know
How to tell the children
This strange dream

What is to be next?
What is to be next?
What is to be next?

You stood in silence
And even you were afraid
Of saying

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