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Hamtaro Theme Song 1

This song is by Hamtaro.

It's hamtaro time
coosh-coosh ticky-ticky wooooooo

(When we work together it's much better)
My best friend
(We like sunflower seeds krump-krump-krump)
(My ham-hams)
If she heads for trouble we won't let her
Little hamsters, big adventures

Laura's gone to shcool
Lets go to our ham-ham clubhouse
We can fix your troubles,
Just be quiet as a mouse!
Watch out for those cats,
You know they're smarter than you think!
But if we work together,
We can make their plan sink

Snoozer, Howdy, Penelepe, Panda
(My best friend)
Oxnard, Bijou, Cappy, Maxweller
(My ham-ham)
Dexter, Boss, Pashmina, Jingle
Little hamsters, big adventure
'xcuse me while I work out gotta run on my wheel,

Hamtaro's here to help you
Hamtaro's team is for you


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