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Doomed Parade

This song is by Hammers Of Misfortune and appears on the album The August Engine (2003).

So soon the moon will come unfold her robe of constellations
And for a time the night was mine in endless fascination
But now she brings me only shadows and a host of memories
Marching on
Like a ghostly brigade
Marching on - Doomed parade

But now she's gone away (She was here)
Forever, I'm afraid (She was real)
No longer shall the night, from the sun
Provide its blessed shade

I saw her with my eyes (She was real)
I touched her with my hands (She was here)
Right here in this room it was She whispered in my ear
Lost forever... to hell.

Here is a wound, To go with your uniform
Here is a message, you'll never forget
Back in your tomb, reaping your true reward
The path you have chosen, you'll learn to regret

"Sleep, angel sleep.
Be not a ghost trapped in the light
Be as the day, and pass away
Into the night."

The night moves like a glacier, slow and cold
Yet rage takes over as I see the plan unfold
So that's your game, to take away the only friend I've ever made
In this place
How we laughed
At the ghostly brigade
Marching on - Doomed parade

I must say I'm impressed
Such cruelty in a jest
The depth of your malevolence, the fools would never guess

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